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Genuine VW & Porsche Electrical Connectors


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Genuine To Volkswagen & Porsche Electrical Connectors & Fuses

We Have A Good Range Of EUROPEAN Manufactured Electrical Connectors & Fuses Available In The Ubiquitous 6.3mm Autopmotive Tab Width Used On European & British Classic Cars

This Includes Original Plain Brass Connectors From AMP & Tinned Brasee Connectors From Elpress of Sweden.   In A Range Of Ampage Ratings To Fit Out High, Low And Medium Current Carrying Applications On Your Classic Car.

23 Mixed Brass Connectors & 20 Mixed Continental Fuses
£9.99   FREE U.K. P & P

30 Mixed Brass Connectors
£9.99   FREE U.K. P & P

If You Need Postage Outside Of The U.K. Then Please E-Mail Us At

Plain Brass Original VW / Porsche Connectors
50 Female : 6.3mm Tab : Low Current
£15.99   FREE U.K. P & P

50 Female : 6.3mm Tab : Medium Current
£15.99   FREE U.K. P & P

50 Female : 6.3mm Tab : Highest Current
£15.99   FREE U.K. P & P

50 Jelly Insulating Boots : 6.3mm Tab
£9.99   FREE U.K. P & P