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About Volksbolts

Volksbolts Is A Design Company That Supplies Small Components Including Carburettor Parts, Gaskets, Nuts And Bolts.   We Have Parts Laser-Cut, Pressed, Turned, Threaded, Broached And Knife-Cut Either In-House Or With One Of Our Sub-Contractors.
We Also Utilise Special Coatings Where It Gives Good Benefits To Our Customers Parts In Their Applications.

Alan Baxter, The Company Owner, Has An Honours Degree In Aerospace Systems Engineering And Is Well Used To Working To Aerospace Standards.
Alan Has Worked On Projects As Diverse As The Small Phoenix UAV Up To The Airbus A380 Super Jumbo Passenger Plane; Working For GEC-Marconit, BAE SYSTEMS And Meggitt Aerospace Over The Years.

We Are A Family Business That Originated From An Idea In California In 2004 And Has Since Grown Into The Market Leading Automotive Fasteners And Design Service Serving The Air-Cooled And Water-Cooled Volkswagen Scene Here In The U.K. And Abroad.

We Use Our Engineering Experience And Our Extensive Technical Library To Specify Or Design Parts.   We Then Scour The Supply Chains For "Best In Class" Items.   If We Can't Find Off-The-Shelf Items Good Enough Then We Get Them Made Special.

All Of The Hard Work Is Done For You.   Simply Buy And Use Our Parts Knowing That You Have The Quality Items That You Need When You Need Them.

We Have Years Of Our Own Workshop & Restoration Experience And Have Cross Referenced Against Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Data So You Can Be Assured That You Have Correct Fitting Parts For Your Own Restoration And Maintenance Activities.

Where Possible We Improve On The Original Specifications.   Improvements Are Made On A Rolling Basis Whenever The Opportunity Presents Itself.

We Have Professional Engineering Roots In Aerospace Research & Development So You Can Be Assured That Our Products Have Been Engineered Into Their Applications With Proper Thought And Consideration.

Sales Are Principally Via EBay, With Our Team Trading At Some Of The Better Classic Car Shows.   An Amazon Shop Is Under Construction.

Our eBay Store Has Over SEVENTEEN THOUSAND (17,000) Happy Customers Thus Far.!