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VW Beetle Parts
All kits should fit 1962 models and onwards - alternative kits are listed where differences exist.
Most kits will also fit pre 1962 models - subtle differences may exist - some alternative kits are available where the subtleties are known
High Tensile Fitting Kits For VW Beetle Front & Rear Axles etc.

Full Restoration Kits : A Full Set Of Our Bodyshell Kits To Restore Your VW Beetle
Chassis to Body Fitting Kits and HT Parts Are Sold Seperatly
Resto-Split&Oval   VW Beetle Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit - Split & Oval Window Models  
Resto-62on   VW Beetle Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit - 1962 onwards Blade Bumper Models
Resto-68on   VW Beetle Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit - 1968 onwards Europa Bumpers Models
Resto-1303   VW Beetle Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit - 1303 / 1303S  
VWB-Basics   Contains All Of The Parts In Our Main Resto Kits All Mixed Up In One Bag

Structural Appendages - Chassis, Body, Bumpers Wings etc.
VWB-1.1.1   Chassis To Body Fitting Kit - Front Torsion Beam Chassis
VWB-1.1.2   Chassis To Body Fitting Kit - MacPherson Front Strut Chassis
VWB-1.2.1   40 HEXAGON Head Wing Bolts And Washers = 4 X Wing Fitting Kits
VWB-1.2.2   40 SOCKET CAP (Allen Key) Wing Bolts And Washers = 4 X Wing Fitting Kits
VWB-1.3.1   Blade Bumper & Irons Fitting Kit
VWB-1.3.2   Europa Bumper Fitting Kit
VWB-1.3.3   U.S. Specification Blade Bumper & Irons Fitting Kit
VWB-1.3.4   Blade Bumpers With Over-Riders Fitting Kit  
VWB-1.3.5   Europa Bumpers (With Over-Riders) Kit (Fits Both Front & Rear)
VWB-1.5.1   Running Boards (Both Sides)

Door Fittings
VWB-2.1.1   >1962 3 Bolt Door Hinges To Body (Both Doors)
VWB-2.1.2   Door Hinges To Body (Both Doors) - Splits + Ovals With 4 bolts per hinge
VWB-2.2.1   Door Lock, Handle & Striker Plate (1968 onwards) Bolts For Both Doors
VWB-2.2.2   Door Lock, Handle & Striker Plate (1962 to 1967) Bolts For Both Doors
VWB-2.3.1   Window Winder Mechanism & Quarter-light Fixings For Two Doors
VWB-2.4.1   Split & Oval Beetle Door Fittings - Full Pair Of Doors (Sedan AND Cabriolet)  
VWB-2.5.1   Door Handle Securing Pins (to 1967) - 5 Pack

Bonnet And Engine Lid
VWB-4.1.1   Bonnet Hinges & Exterior Handle - Later Models
VWB-4.1.2   Bonnet Hinges & Exterior Handle (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-4.2.1   Engine Lid Hinge, Rain-Catcher & Lock

External Light Fittings & Other Appendages
VWB-5.1.1   Upright Headlamp Security Screws (1968 onwards)
VWB-5.1.2   Sloping Headlamp Securing and Adjuster Screws (up to 1967)  
VWB-5.1.3   Sloping Headlamp Security / Anti-Theft Screws (up to 1967)
VWB-5.1.4   Sloping Headlamp Screws (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-5.2.1   Wing Top Indicator (single top screw) Stainless Screw & Nut Kit  
VWB-5.2.2   Wing Top Indicator SECURITY Screws (single top screw) Kit
VWB-5.3.1   1200cc Model Style Tail Light Kit (1962 onwards)
VWB-5.3.2   Tombstone Style Tail Light Kit (1968 onwards)  
VWB-5.3.3   Elephants Foot Style Tail Light Kit (1303 models)
VWB-5.3.4   Early Glass 'Snowflake' Lense Style Tail Light Kit  
VWB-5.3.5   Early Glass 'Snowflake' Lense Security / Anti-Theft Screw Kit
VWB-5.3.6   1200cc Model Style Tail Light SECURITY SCREWS  
VWB-5.4.1   Number Plate Light Kit (1962 onwards)  
VWB-5.4.2   Popes Nose Number Plate Light Kit (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-5.5.1   Fuel Door Flap & Release Lever Kit  

Interior Fixtures & Fittings
VWB-6.1.1   Gear-Shift Stick Mounting Bolt Kit
VWB-6.2.1   Pedal Cluster Bolt-up Kit (RHD)  
VWB-6.2.1   Pedal Cluster Bolt-up Kit (LHD)  
VWB-6.3.1   Glove-Box Screws
VWB-6.3.2   Glove-Box Screws (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-6.4.1   Rear Seat Bar + Top Seat Catches  
VWB-6.5.1   Dashboard Grab Handle  
VWB-6.6.1   Door Pillar Interior Light Switch Screws
VWB-6.7.1   Rear View Mirror Screws (fits all years inc. Splits + Ovals)
VWB-6.8.1   Sunvisor Securing Screws
VWB-6.9.1   Frame Tunnel / Gear Linkage Cover Plate Screws  
VWB-6.10.1   Speedometer Fixing Screws
VWB-6.11.1   Fuse Box Screws (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-6.12.1   Foot Operated Dip-Switch Screws (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-6.13.1   Stop Light Switch Screws (Splits + Ovals)  
VWB-6.14.1   Coat Hanger / Grab Handle Screws (Splits + Ovals)  
SB1   Seat Belt Bolts - 7/16"UNF x 1" (25mm Length)
SB2   Seat Belt Bolts - 7/16"UNF x 1.1/2" (37mm Length)

Electrical, Instrumentation, & Misc Fittings
VWB-7.1.1   Split Pins (Cotter Pins) For Rear Wheel / Brake Hubs (10 pack)
VWB-7.2.1   Fuel Tank Sender Screws & Sealing 'O' rings  
VWB-7.3.1   Swing Axle Gaitor Clamp and Bolt Kit - Fits 1 Gaitor
VWB-7.5.1   Pivot / Shaft Clips For Sloping Headlamps & Wiper Mechanisms - 5 Pack
ELE-1.1.1   Electrical Connectors - 50 Pack - 0-15Amp Low Current Wires
ELE-1.1.2   Electrical Connectors - 50 Pack - 15-30Amp Higher Current Wires
ELE-1.1.5   Connector Insulation Boots - 50 Pack
ELE-1.4.1   Electrical Connectors - 10 Pack - Headlamp "Flag" Connectors
ELE-1.5.2   Electrical Connectors - 5 Pack - Voltage Regulator X.Large Connectors
ELE-1.6.1   Electrical Earth Tabs - Single Tab
ELE-1.7.1   Electrical Earth Tabs - Double Tab

Optional Accessories
VWB-8.1.1   Pop-Out Window Fitting Screws Kit (Universal - All years)
VWB-8.2.1   Steel Sunroof Stainless Screws Kit  
VWB-8.3.1   Golde (Fabric) Sunroof Stainless Screws Kit  
VWB-8.4.1   Karmann Convertable Top Stainless Screws Kit  

Axle & Suspension High Tensile Bolts (10:9 with Dacromet Surface Finish)
VWB-10.1.1   Ball Joint Beetle Shock Absorbers Fitting Kit
VWB-10.1.2   King Pin Front Beam Beetle Shock Absorbers Fitting Kit  
VWB-10.1.3   1949-1962 Tapered Shock Absorber Bolt - Single
VWB-10.2.1   Drop Arm Grub-Screws HT Kit (Pair)  
VWB-10.3.1   Front Beam HT Fitting Kit
VWB-10.3.2   LOWERED Front Beam HT Fitting Kit
VWB-10.4.1   Disc Brake Caliper HT Fitting Kit (Pair)
VWB-10.5.1   Rear Spring Plate (To Axle) HT Fitting Kit (Swing Axle & IRS Fitment)
VWB-10.6.1   1302 / 1303 Steering Box Mount Fitting Kit  
VWB-10.7.1   Set Of Four (4) Ball-Joint Nuts  
VWB-10.10.1   Steering Column Coupling Bolts & Nuts

Rear Axle / Suspension High Tensile Bolts (12:9 Cap-Heads with Dacromet Surface Finish)
VWB-12.1.1   Rear Hub Bearing Cover Fitting Kit (Pair)  
VWB-12.2.1   CV Joint Bolts (12 Pack For One Driveshaft)
VWB-12.2.2   CV Joint Special Washers (6 Pack For One Driveshaft)
VWB-12.3.1   Rear Torsion Beam Cover Fitting Kit (Pair)
VWB-12.4.1   1302 / 1303 ARB Fitting Bolts