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VW Bay Window Camper Van Parts
High Tensile Fitting Kits For Bay Window Vans

Van Restoration Kits - A Full Selection Of Kits For Your Van
Early Bay
  Early VW Bay Window Van Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit  
Late Bay
  Late VW Bay Window Van Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit

Structural Appendages - Chassis, Body, Bumpers Wings etc.
BYV-1.1.1   Bumper Iron Bolts
BYV-1.2.1   Bolts, Nuts & Washers To Fix The Bumpers To An Early Model Bay Van
BYV-1.2.2   Bolts, Nuts & Washers To Fix The Bumpers To A Late Model Bay Van
BYV-1.3.1   Rear (Removeable) Valance Bolts
BYV-1.5.2   Belly Pan Screws - Stainless Self Tappers

Door Fittings
BYV-2.1.1   Cab Door Hinges To Body (Both Doors) - Countersunk Pozi Head
BYV-2.1.2   Cab Door Hinges To Body - Hexagon Head  
BYV-2.2.1   Cab Door Lock, Handle & Striker Plate Screws
BYV-2.3.1   Cab Door 'Pull' Handle Screws
BYV-2.4.1   Cab Door Window Winding & Quarterlight Mechanism Screws  

Side Door & Door Components
BYV-3.1.1   Sliding Side Door Stainless Screws Kit

Bonnet, Boot, Engine Compartment & Components
BYV-4.1.1   Rear Hatch Hinge Screws (EARLY)  
BYV-4.1.2   Rear Hatch Hinge Screws (LATE)  
BYV-4.2.1   Rear Hatch 'Shut' Guide Screws
BYV-4.3.1   Rear Hatch Lock & Catch Screws  
BYV-4.4.1   Rear Hatch hinge Cover Screws
BYV-4.5.1   Deck Lid Hinge Screws
BYV-4.6.1   Deck Lid Lock & Catch-Plate Screws

Exterior Appendages & Add-Ons
BYV-5.1.1   Tail-Lights (EARLY)
BYV-5.1.2   Tail-Lights (LATE)
BYV-5.2.1   Stainless Steel Front Indicator Screws (EARLY - low mounted near bumper)
BYV-5.2.2   Stainless Steel Front Indicator Screws (LATE - next to front grill)
BYV-5.3.1   Fuel door Hinge & Fuel Filler Neck Screws  
BYV-5.4.1   Headlamp Security Screws
BYV-5.5.1   Front Fresh-Air Inlet Grill Screws

Interior Fixtures & Fittings
BYV-6.1.1   Cab Door Pillar Switch (for interior lights) Screws
BYV-6.2.1   Gear Stick Mount Screws  
BYV-6.3.1   Dashboard Corner Screws  
BYV-6.4.1   Instrument 'Pod' To Dashboard Screws
BYV-6.5.1   Sunvisor Screws  
BYV-6.6.1   Rear-View Mirror Screws  
BYV-6.7.1   Dashboard Grab-Handle Fitting Nuts  
BYV-6.8.1   Dashboard Top & Dashboard Vent Screws
BYV-6.9.1   Pedal Cluster Cover-Pan Screws

Electrical, Instrumentation, & Misc Fittings
VWB-7.1.1   Split Pins (Cotter Pins) For Rear Wheel / Brake Hubs (10 pack)
VWB-7.3.1   Swing Axle Gaitor Clamp and Bolt Kit - Fits 1 Gaitor  
VWB-7.5.1   Pivot / Shaft Clips For Sloping Headlamps & Wiper Mechanisms - 5 Pack
ELE-1.1.1   Electrical Connectors - 50 Pack - 0-15Amp Low Current Wires
ELE-1.1.2   Electrical Connectors - 50 Pack - 15-30Amp Higher Current Wires
ELE-1.1.5   Connector Insulation Boots - 50 Pack
ELE-1.4.1   Electrical Connectors - 10 Pack - Headlamp "Flag" Connectors
ELE-1.5.2   Electrical Connectors - 5 Pack - Voltage Regulator X.Large Connectors
ELE-1.6.1   Electrical Earth Tabs - Single Tab
ELE-1.7.1   Electrical Earth Tabs - Double Tab

FACTORY OPTIONAL Fixtures & Fittings
SSV-8.2.1   Jail Bar / Safety Bar Fitting Screws

10:9 High Tensile Bolts (Dacromet Surface Finish - Unless Otherwise Indicated)
BYV-10.1.1   Front Beam Fitting Bolts  
BYV-10.1.2   Front Beam Fitting Special Washers
BYV-10.2.1   Shock Absorber Fitting Bolts  
BYV-10.3.1   Rear Spring Plate Bolts
BYV-10.4.1   CV Joint Bolts
BYV-10.4.2   CV Joint Bolts (12 Pack For One Driveshaft)
BYV-10.5.1   Rear Torsion Beam Cover Bolts
BYV-10.6.1   Rear Engine Carrier Bar Bolts  
BYV-10.7.1   Steering Column Coupling Bolts & Nuts