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Parts For The VW Type 3 Variant / Squareback / Fastback / Notchback

Full Restoration Kits : A Full Set Of Kits To Restore Your VW Variant
Resto-VAR   Complete Nut & Bolt Restoration Kit of All The Below Kits
  #Does not include Chassis to Body Kit #

Structural Appendages - Chassis to Body, Bumpers, Wings etc.
VAR-1.1.1   Chassis To Body Fitting Kit
VAR-1.2.1   Full Wing / Fender Bolt Set (All 4 Wings / Fenders)
VAR-1.3.1   Rear Wing Bolt Set (Both Wings)  
VAR-1.4.1   Early Model Bumpers (With Over-Riders)
VAR-1.5.1   Late Model Bumpers (Europa Style)

Door & Door Components
VAR-2.1.1   8x Door Hinge Screws To Body
VAR-2.2.1   Door Locks, Catches & Handles
VAR-2.3.1   Window Winder Mechanisms  

Bonnet, Boot & Components
VAR-4.1.1   Bonnet Hinge & Catches
VAR-4.2.1   Engine Lid & Lock  

Exterior Appendages, Lighting and Accessories
VAR-5.1.1   Bullet Style Front Indicators Fitting Kit  
VAR-5.1.2   Wrap-Around Style Front Indicators Fitting Kit  
VAR-5.2.1   Early Style Tail-Lights Fitting Kit  
VAR-5.2.2   Late Style Tail-Light Fitting Kit  
VAR-5.3.1   Number Plate Light Fitting Kit  
VAR-5.4.1   Headlight Fitting Kit  

Interior Fixtures & Fittings
VAR-6.1.1   Interior Light Door Pillar Switch Screws  
VAR-6.2.1   Sunvisor Fixing Screws  
VAR-6.3.1   Rear View Mirror Fixing Screws  
VAR-6.4.1   Grab Handles  

High Tensile Fixtures & Fittings
VAR-10.1.3   4x REAR Shock Absorber Bolts And Nuts - TWIN Spring Plate Models
VAR-10.1.4   4x REAR Shock Absorber Bolts And Nuts - SINGLE Spring Plate Models
VAR-10.5.1   Rear Spring Plate Bolts