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Modifying A Type4 Engine Pilot Bearing To A Beetle Gearbox Input Shaft

The Primary Problem To Overcome With The Fitment Of A Type4 Engine Is The Location Of The Pilot Bearing For The Gearbox Input Shaft.

The Type4 Engine Has This Bearing Installed In The End Of The Crankshaft.
The Type1 Engine Has This Bearing Installed Into The Centre Of Its Large Fitment Nut.

As Can Be Seen, The Type4 Pilot Bearing Is Located Further Outward Away From The Gearbox Input Shaft. This Is OK For Transmissions Designed With Longer Input Shafts To Accommodate This Engine (Late Bay Vans, Type 411/412 & Porsche 914) But Not OK For VW Models With Earlier / Shorter Type1 Gearbox Input Shafts.

Therefore, To Install The Type4 Flywheel Onto A Type1 Beetle Transmission, We Have To Re-Locate The Pilot Bearing Forwards Into The Centre Of The Flywheel.