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The Exhaust Bolt Test

Bolts exposed to 2 years on a 4 into 1 merged exhaust on a VW Beetle 1600cc twinport engine:


Back in 2003 we fitted a merged 4 into 1 exhaust onto our VW Beetles 1600cc twinport engine using A2-70 bolts and washers.
In September 2006 we inspected and photographed the same bolts :

We gave most of the bolts a quick wipe with some damp tissue to lift the debris \ dirt film : the dirt lifts off to reveal an almost perfect bolt and washer.

All of the bolts were secure - maintaining good constant clamping force over the two years.

All of the bolts released and undone with ease (no seizures, and most importantly, no swearing) - making the exhaust swap a much easier process.

Some pitting corrosion is evident : but given the state of the saddle-clamps and exhaust boxes & pipes this is nothing.

The stainless nuts bolts and washers have outlived this exhaust system. They should outlive the next one too.!!