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Air-Cooled VW Paint I.D. Codes & Swatches

Includes Type 1 (Beetle, Ghia, 181), Type 2 (Split & Bay Van) & Type 3 (Variant) Paint Codes
Data Primarily Sourced From Our VW Dealership Manuals - Additional Data From Open Internet Sources
"To 1967 T2" Indicates Parts Manual To 1967 For A Type2 Van.   "WWW" Indicates General Open Internet Was Used.

LE1M Mexico Beige 1979 WWW
LH3A Red Fox 1978 WWW
LH8A Date Nut Brown 1978 WWW
  L10A Ralley Yellow 1974 VW Card
  L10B Texas Yellow 1971-1972 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L10E Pampas Yellow 1969 VW Card
L10H Arizona Yellow   to 1968 T2
  L10K Castillian Yellow   WWW
LM10 Green   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L11 Pastel Green 1948-1954 to 1957 T1
  L11A Riad Yellow 1977 VW Card
  L11C Brilliant Yellow 1974 VW Card
  L11D Berber Green 1975 VW Card
  L11E Lemon Yellow \ Canary Yellow   WWW
  L11H Sierra Yellow 1968-1971 to 1968 T2
VW Card
  L11K Oriole Yellow   WWW
  L11Y Banana Yellow 1975 VW Card
LM11 Dark Green   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L12A Panama Brown 1977 VW Card
  L12D Shantung Yellow 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
VW Card
LM12 Yellow-Green   to 1960 Ghia
L13 Medium Green   to 1957 T1
  L13A Dakota Beige 1977 VW Card
  L13H Ceylon Beige 1973 VW Card
  L13K Sunshine Yellow 1973 VW Card
  L13M Saturn Yellow 1972-1973 VW Card
  L14 Mignonette Green 1955-1959 to 1957 T1
L15 Dark Green   to 1957 T1
  L15M Lemon Yellow 1973 VW Card
L16 Light Green   to 1957 T1
  L16M Tunis Yellow 1974 VW Card
L17 Fashion Green   to 1957 T1
  L19 Atlantic Green 1953-1954 to 1957 T1
L19K Yukon Yellow   WWW
  L20A Marino Yellow 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
  L20B Brilliant Orange 1971-1972 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L20C Nepal Orange 1975 vW Card
  L20D Clementine 1969-1970 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L20E Signal Orange 1969 VW Card
  L21 Pearl Grey 1950-1961 to 1957 T1
to 1967 T2
  L21C Cadiz Orange 1975 VW Card
  L21E Blood Orange   WWW
  L21Z Tibet Orange 1975 VW Card
  L22 Medium Grey 1950-1953 to 1967 T2
  L23 Silver Grey   to 1967 T2
L24 Light Grey   to 1957 T1
L25 Dark Grey   to 1957 T1
  L27N Mandarin 1974 VW Card
  L28 Grey 1953-1958 to 1967 T2
  L28N Orange 1976 VW Card
L30 Greyish Blue   to 1957 T1
  L30A Royal Red 1968-1970 to 1972 T3
  L30B Kasan Red 1971-1972 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L30C Malaga Red 1975 VW Card
  L30E Bahia Red 1969 VW Card
  L30H Montana Red   to 1968 T2
  L30K Velour Red   WWW
  L30M Tomato Red 1973 VW Card
LM30 Medium Blue   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L31 Dove Blue 1950-1969 to 1967 T2
  L31A Senegal Red 1974 VW Card
  L31F Iberian Red 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L31H Chianti Red 1968-1971 to 1968 T2
VW Card
  L31K Sunset   WWW
  L31M Ibiza Red 1974 VW Card
LM31 Dark Blue   to 1960 Ghia
  L32 Dark Blue   to 1957 T1
  L32K Phoenix Red 1973 VW Card
  L32Z Coral Red 1975 VW Card
LM32 Blue   to 1960 Ghia
L33 Bluish Grey   to 1957 T1
LM33 Violet   to 1960 Ghia
L34 Navy Blue   to 1957 T1
  L35 Metallic Blue 1953-1954 to 1957 T1
  L36 Azure Blue 1951-1953 to 1957 T1
  L37 Medium Blue   to 1957 T1
to 1967 T2
L38 Navy Blue   to 1957 T1
LM40 Black   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L41 Black 1949 on to 1957 T1
L43 Grey Black 1961 on to 1968 T2
  L45M Sebring (Daphne) Green 1975-1976 VW Card
  L45Q Green 1976 VW Card
L46 Lava 1961 on to 1972 T3
  L46M Green 1976 VW Card
  L50 Coral Red   to 1957 T1
  L50B Diamond Blue 1967-1970 to 1972 T3
  L50C Lagoon Blue 1975 VW Card
  L50D Sapphire Blue 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L50E Adriatic Blue   WWW
  L50F Regatta Blue 1967-1968 to 1972 T3
  L50H Brilliant Blue 1968 to 1968 T2
VW Card
  L50K Neptune Blue 1965-1968 to 1968 T2
LM50 Fiery Red   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L51 Bordeaux Red   to 1957 T1
  L51B Gentian Blue 1971-1972 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L51C Miami Blue 1975 VW Card
  L51E Albert Blue 1969 VW Card
  L51K Chrome Blue 1968 VW Card
  L51P Olympic Blue 1973 VW Card
LM51 Ruby Red   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
L52 Terra Cotta   to 1957 T1
  L52B Biscay Blue 1973 VW Card
  L52E Pastel Blue   WWW
  L52K Reef Blue 1976 VW Card
  L52M Black Blue 1976 VW Card
LM52 Maroon   to 1957 T1
  L53 Sealing Wax Red 1950-1961 to 1967 T2
  L53D Niagra Blue 1968-1971 to 1968 T2
VW Card
  L53H Orient Blue 1973 VW Card
LM53 Orange   to 1960 Ghia
  L54 Poppy Red 1957-1971 to 1957 T1
  L54D Marina Blue 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L54Y Aqua Blue 1975 VW Card
LM54 Red   to 1960 Ghia
  L55 Maroon   to 1957 T1
LM55 Wine Red   to 1960 Ghia
L56 Pastel Red   to 1957 T1
L57 Tile Red   to 1957 T1
  L57H Ocean Blue 1976 VW Card
L58 Ruby   to 1957 T1
  L59 Cherry Red   to 1957 T1
to 1967 T2
L60 Ivory   to 1957 T1
  L60A Tropical Green 1974 VW Card
  L60B Peru Green 1967-1969 to 1972 T3
  L60D Elm green 1969-1971 to 1968 T2
VW Card
  L60E Irish Green 1969 VW Card
LM60 Yellow   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
L61 Cream   to 1957 T1
  L61A Cliff Green 1974 VW Card
  L61B Sumatra Green 1967-1972 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L61H Lofoten Green 1974 VW Card
  L61K Pine Green   WWW
LM61 Ochre   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L62 Ivory 1953-1964 to 1967 T2
  L62D Carolina Green 1976 VW Card
  L62F Silvretta Green 1976 VW Card
  L62K Cypress Green 1968 VW Card
  L62H Bali Yellow 1976 VW Card
  L62Y Signal Green 1975 VW Card
LM62 Yellow   to 1960 Ghia
L63 Post-Office Yellow   to 1957 T1
to 1967 T2
  L63H Taiga Green 1976 VW Card
  L63K Willow Green 1971 VW Card
  L63M Hippi Green 1970-1975 VW Card(s)
  L63Z Spanish Green 1976 VW Card
  L64K Zambesi Green 1973 VW Card
  L64M Apple Green 1973 VW Card
  L65K Ravenna Green 1973 VW Card
  L66B Deep Sea Green 1967-1971 to 1972 T3
  L66Z Minz Green 1976 VW Card
L67 Iron Yellow   to 1957 T1
  L67Z Police Green 1976 VW Card
  L70 Medium Brown   to 1957 T1
  L70F Chinchilla 1968-1970 to 1972 T3
  L70K Vulcan Grey   WWW
L70X Grey Silver 66   to 1967 T2
to 1968 T2
LB74X Dark Grey 68   to 1968 T2
L74 Reddish Brown   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
  L71 Beige   to 1957 T1
  L72 Dark Brown   to 1957 T1
  L73 Chestnut Brown 1950-1955 to 1957 T1
to 1967 T2
L74 Red Brown 1953-1958 to 1960 Ghia
  L75 Light Beige 1950-1955 to 1967 T2
  L76 Brown-Beige 1950-1953 to 1967 T2
L77 Dark Beige   to 1957 T1
L80 White Grey   to 1967 T2
  L80E Light Ivory 1969 VW Card
  L80K Gobi Beige   WWW
LM80 White   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
L81 Parchment White   to 1957 T1
  L81D Oregon Beige 1976 VW Card
L82 Silver White   to 1957 T1
to 1967 T2
L83 Whitish Green   to 1957 T1
L84 White   to 1967 T2
  L86V Agate Brown Metallic   WWW
  L86Z Agate Brown 1976 VW Card
  L87 Pearl White 1958-1970 to 1968 T2
to 1972 T3
  L89P Brown Metallic 1976 VW Card
  L90 Sand Coloured 1951-1953 to 1957 T1
  L90C Toga White 1968-1969 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L90D Pastel White 1969-1971 to 1968 T2
to 1972 T3
LM90 Aluminium Coloured   to 1957 T1
1968 T2
L91 Chrome Coloured 1961 on to 1972 T3
  L91D Kansas Beige 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L91Z Atlas White 1975 VW Card
L92 Mettallic Effect Paste   to 1957 T1
  L93Z Titan White 1976 VW Card
  L95B Turquoise Metallic 1971 to 1972 T3
  L95C Moss Green Metallic   WWW
  L96B Alaska Blue Metallic   WWW
  L96D Silver Metallic 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
  L96E Gemini (Blue) Metallic 1970-1971 to 1972 T3
  L96M Marathon Blue Metallic   WWW
  L96N Viper Green (II) Metallic 1976 VW Card
  L96Y Malachite Metallic 1975 VW Card
  L97A Diamond Silver   WWW
  L97B Ancona Blue Metallic 1974 VW Card
  L97C Red Metallic 1974 VW Card
  L97D Colorado (Red) Metallic 1969-1971 to 1972 T3
  L97G Gold Metallic   WWW
  L97Y Tizian Metallic 1975 VW Card
L98A Maya Metallic   WWW
  L98B Viper Green (I) Metallic 1975 VW Card
  L98C Hellas Gold Metalllic   WWW
  L98D Brown Metallic 1969-1970 to 1972 T3
  L98Y Atlantic Blue Metallic 1975 VW Card
  L99A Saturn Yellow Metallic   WWW
  L99B Hellas 75 Metallic 1975 VW Card
  L99D Topaz Mettalic 1976 VW Card
L99E Quartz Metallic   WWW
  L99K Tombac (Brown) Metallic 1975 VW Card
  L99M Ischia Green Metallic 1974 VW Card
  L99N Silver Green Metallic 1976 VW Card
L100 Varnish   WWW
L101 Hardener For Varnish   to 1972 T3
L139 Finishing Filler   to 1968 T2
L140 Standard Primer - Reddish Brown   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
L141 Filler - Grey   to 1957 T1
L142 Spotting Putty - Greyish Green   to 1957 T1
to 1968 T2
L143 Wash Primer Glazing (Use With L144)   to 1972 T3
L144 Additive Solution For Wash Primer   to 1968 T2
L145 Combination Filler   to 1968 T2
LKL146 Universal Filler - Grey   to 1968 T2
LKL148 Polyester Filler With Hardener   to 1968 T2
LKL149 Hardener for L148   to 1968 T2
LKL150 Cold Zinc Paint   to 1968 T2
LKL151 Chassis Paint - Black   to 1968 T2
L153 Wash Primer Covering - Green   to 1968 T2
LKL154 Bonding Agent (Old-New Paint)   to 1968 T2
L160 Nitrocellulose Thinner Lacquer   to 1957 T1
LKL161 Synthetic Resin Thinner Lacquer   to 1957 T1
L170 Polishing Fluid For Synthetic Lacquer   to 1957 T1
L175 Polishing Fluid For Nitrocellulose Lacquer   to 1957 T1
L179 Silicone Remover   to 1968 T2
L180 Polishing Paste   to 1957 T1
L190 Preservative For Syntheitc Resin Lacquer   to 1957 T1
L210 Beige-Green   to 1957 T1
L211 Bluish Green   to 1957 T1
  L213 Iceland Green 1954-1955 to 1957 T1
  L219 Congo Green   to 1957 T1
  L221 Stone Grey 1950-1955 to 1967 T2
  L225 Jupiter Grey 1952-1963 to 1957 T1
  L226 Metallic Silver Grey 1959-1964 to 1957 T1
  L227 Strato Silver 1954-1956 to 1957 T1
  L232 Iris Blue 1954 to 1957 T1
L233 Dark Blue   to 1957 T1
  L234 Polar Silver   WWW
  L240 Agave Green 1956-1958 to 1957 T1
  L241 Bamboo 1971-1981 to 1957 T1
L242 Bluish Green   to 1957 T1
  L243 Diamond Grey 1957-1969 to 1957 T1
L244 Moss Green   to 1957 T1
  L245 Light Bronze 1958 to 1957 T1
L246 Grey Green   to 1957 T1
L247 Pine Green   to 1957 T1
  L248 Aero Silver   WWW
L249 Dove Grey   to 1967 T2
L250 Iron Red   to 1957 T1
L251 Copper Red   to 1957 T1
L253 Rose   to 1957 T1
  L255 Jupiter Grey 1953-1963 WWW
  L256 Fire Engine Red 1957-1968 WWW
  L258 Inca Red 1957-1965 to 1957 T1
  L259 Pelican Red 1958-1971 WWW
L260 Sand Grey 1955-1958 to 1967 T2
  L264 Rock Grey 1959-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L265 Platinum Grey 1953-1965 WWW
  L271 Texas Brown 1954-1955 to 1957 T1
  L272 Sahara Beige 1953-1954 to 1957 T1
L273 Metallic Beige   to 1957 T1
L274 Sand Beige   to 1957 T1
  L275 Light Beige 1954-1955 to 1957 T1
LB275 Light Beige   to 1968 T2
  L276 Ultramaroon 1954-1955 to 1957 T1
L277 Silver Beige   to 1957 T1
L278 Grey Beige   to 1957 T1
  L279 Dolomite   to 1957 T1
  L281 Grey-White   WWW
  L282 Lotus White 1965-1969 to 1967 T2
to 1968 T2
to 1972 T3
  L288 Bermuda   WWW
  L289 Blue White 1960-1967 to 1967 T2
to 1972 T3
  L311 Sand Green 1950-1955 to 1967 T2
  L312 Palm Green 1950-1955 to 1967 T2
  L313 Reed Green 1955-1956 to 1957 T1
  L315 Jungle Green 1955-1956 to 1957 T1
  L316 Almond Green 1955-1957 to 1957 T1
  L317 Lizard Green   WWW
  L318 Deep Green   WWW
  L319 Green   WWW
  L320 Dolphin Grey Light 1954 to 1957 T1
VW Card
  L321 Dolphin Grey Dark   to 1957 T1
  L322 Silver Granite   to 1957 T1
  L324 Polar Silver 1955-1957 to 1957 T1
  L325 Mouse Grey 1961-1964 to 1967 T2
L328 Steel Grey   to 1957 T1
  L329 Shetland Grey 1957-1959 to 1957 T1
  L330 Trout Blue   WWW
  L331 Horizon Blue 1956-1957 to 1957 T1
  L333 Pearl Blue   to 1957 T1
  L334 Glacier Blue 1958 to 1957 T1
  L335 Capri Blue 1958-59 to 1957 T1
L336 Deep Blue   to 1957 T1
  L337 Dolphin Blue   WWW
  L338 Atlas Blue   to 1957 T1
  L343 Kalahari Beige 1957-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L344 Rush Green   to 1960 Ghia
  L345 Light Grey 1958-68 to 1967 T2
to 1968 T2
  L346 Mango Green 1958-1961 to 1960 Ghia
to 1967 T2
  L347 Sea Gull Grey 1958-1961 to 1967 T2
  L349 Jade Green 1958-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L351 Coral Red 1956-1958 to 1957 T1
  L352 Cognac   WWW
  L353 Brilliant Red   WWW
  L354 Cardinal Red   WWW
  L358 Garnet Red 1959 to 1960 Ghia
L359 Ruby   to 1960 Ghia
  L360 Sea Blue 1960-1971 to 1967 T2
to 1972 T3
  L361 Slate Blue 1959-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L362 Midnight Blue   WWW
  L363 Arctic White 1959-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L364 Strato Blue 1961-1976 WWW
L369 Deep Grey   to 1960 Ghia
  L370 Nile Beige 1955-1956 to 1957 T1
  L374 Sepia Silver   to 1957 T1
  L376 Gazelle Beige   WWW
  L377 Deep Brown   WWW
  L378 Prairie Beige 1956-1957 to 1957 T1
  L380 Turquoise Green 1958-1965 to 1967 T2
  L384 Pampas Green 1956-1967 WWW
  L390 Gulf Blue 1960-1964 to 1972 T3
  L391 Pastel Blue 1959-1961 WWW
L392 Misty Grey 1961-1963 to 1972 T3
L393 Royal Blue 1961-1963 to 1972 T3
  L397 Lavendar 1958-1981 WWW
  L398 Pacific Blue 1960-1966 WWW
  L412 Diamond Green 1956-1957 to 1957 T1
  L417 Amazon   WWW
  L419 Ceramic Green 1959-1960 to 1960 Ghia
L424 Steel Grey   to 1957 T1
  L428 Graphite Silver   WWW
  L431 Bernina Blue   WWW
  L434 Fjord Blue 1959 to 1960 Ghia
  L436 Indigo Blue 1958-1960 to 1960 Ghia
L437 White Blue   to 1960 Ghia
L438 Rim Blue   to 1960 Ghia
L439 Mixture Blue   to 1960 Ghia
  L440 Flint Grey 1958-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L441 Rim Green   to 1960 Ghia
L442 Swamp Green   to 1960 Ghia
  L444 Malachite Green   WWW
  L445 Sargasso Green 1958-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L451 India Red 1954-1960 to 1960 Ghia
  L452 Paprika Red 1959-1962 to 1960 Ghia
VW Card
  L453 Ferrite Brown   WWW
  L456 Ruby Red 1960-1967 to 1967 T2
to 1972 T3
L457 Cadmium Red 1961-1963 to 1972 T3
L464 Slate 1961-1963 to 1972 T3
L465 Ruby Red 1961-1963 to 1972 T3
L466 Silver Beige 1961-1962 to 1967 T2
to 1972 T3
  L469 Anthracite 1960-1964 to 1972 T3
VW Card
L471 Stone Beige 1961-1963 to 1957 T1
to 1972 T3
  L472 Beige Grey 1961-1968 to 1967 T2
to 1968 T2
  L473 Alabaster Grey 1958-1960 to 1957 T1
L477 Brown   to 1960 Ghia
  L478 Beryl Green 1964 VW Card
  L479 Clay Beige 1961-1963 to 1972 T3
L480 Porcelain Green   WWW
  L490 Sierra Beige 1960-1972 WWW
  L511 Birch Green 1961-1965 to 1972 T3
  L512 Velvet Green 1964-1971 to 1967 T2
to 1968 T2
to 1972 T3
  L513 Silk Green   WWW
  L514 Emerald Green 1962-1966 WWW
  L518 Java Green 1962 VW Card
  L519 Bahama Blue 1962 VW Card
L528 Grey   to 1967 T2
  L532 Polar Blue 1962-1971 WWW
  L533 Henna Red   WWW
  L539 Baltic Blue 1964-1978 to 1972 T3
  L544 Roulette Green 1964-1971 WWW
  L553 Henna Red   WWW
  L554 Cherry Red 1964-1971 WWW
  L555 Titian Red 1965-1968 to 1967 T2
to 1968 T2
  L560 Manilla Yellow 1962-1978 WWW
  L562 Dark Green 1962-1971 WWW
  L563 Safari Beige 1963-1964 to 1972 T3
  L567 Ivory 1964-1967 to 1967 T2
  L568 Sea Sand 1964-1973 to 1972 T3
  L571 Terra Brown 1962 VW Card
  L572 Panama Beige 1962 VW Card
  L575 Nutria 1963-1964 to 1972 T3
  L580 Beige   WWW
  L581 Cloud White   to 1968 T2
  L582 Arcona White 1970-1985 WWW
  L594 Smoke Grey   WWW
  L595 Fontana Grey 1965 VW Card
  L610 Delta Green 1965-1968 to 1968 T2
to 1972 T3
  L620 Savanna Beige 1965-1970 to 1968 T2
to 1972 T3
  L630 Cobalt Blue 1968-1970 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L633 VW Blue (Ultramarine) 1965-1968 to 1972 T3
VW Card
  L639 Zenith Blue 1965 VW Card
  L650 Granada Red 1965-1968 to 1972 T3
  L680 Cumulus White 1965-1968 to 1967 T2
to 1972 T3
L693 Grey Silver   to 1967 T2

This Comprehensive Listing May Contain Inaccuracies As It Was Compiled Using An Assortment Of Original Dealership Data From Around The World & Open Internet Sources
We Have Pooled All Of The Data Available To Us Into The ONE Handy List Presented Here

If You See Any Errors Then Please Let Us Know.

If You Have Any Dealership Data That Includes Colour Codes Not Listed Above Then Please Send a Description / Data To Us For Inclusion.

The List DOES NOT Include Codes Used By Any Other Maker Or Re-Finisher / Restoration / Aftermarket Spray-Shop

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