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R9 Fuel Line Hose Codan

Read Our Technical Guide To Fuel Hose And Fuel Hose Clip Selection

SAE J30 R9 CODAN Fuel Hose - 5.6mm Inner Diameter For Stock Air-Cooled Volkswagen & Early Porsche Fitment

eBay Store 1.5m Hose Link   1.5m Of Hose
eBay Store 2.5m Hose Link   2.5m Of Hose
Codan R9 50m Hose Link   Unopened 50m Reel Of Hose

Made In Denmark To Award Winning Quality Standards

Fits All 6mm Stand Pipes As Fitted To Stock Solex Style Carburettors / Fuel Pumps / Fuel Tank And Line Connections - As Per Standard Volkswagen Factory Fitment To Carburrated Type1 And Type4 Style Engines ; And As Per Standard Factory Fitment To Carburrated Porsche 356, 914 and 911 Models

Outside Diameter 12mm

Made In Denmark By CODAN : Top Quality E5 & E10 Tolerant Ethanol Resistant Fuel Hose
Permeation Rated At Less Than 15g/m²/24hrs

Working Temperature -30° to 130° Degrees Celsius
Working Pressure 10 BAR
Burst Pressure 62 BAR
Bend Radius 52mm
Weight 130 Grams per Meter

Did You Know That Petrol Served At Forcourts Now Is More Chemically Aggressive Than Petrol Formulations Used In The 1960s, 70s and 80s..?     This Is Why People Are Finding That The Older Styles Of Fuel Hosing Such As The Old Cloth Over-Braided Hose Is Perishing And Leaking Within Weeks Of Being Fitted.

SAE J30 R9 Grade Hosing Is Designed To WORK With Ethanol Enriched E5 & E10 Petrol Formulations, As Currently Served At Petrol Station Forcourts In Europe & The United States, With Minimal Degradation.
SAE J30 R9 Fuel Hose Is Fitted To ALL New Cars And Motorbikes By The Factory As Standard.     It Is, Therefore, Guaranteed To Be Effective For At Least As Long As The Warranty Period Of A New Car.