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Stainless Steel Fuel Injection Hose Clamps & Water Hose Clamps

ABA Stainless Fuel Hose Clamp Features;
  • All parts are made of SS 2333/AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Rolled band edges are gentle on hose to prevent chaffing
  • Profiled band tongue for added strength.
  • The nut is retained even if the screw is removed.
  • The screw has a POZI Drive and a 7mm hexagonal head
  • Excellent clamping force in excess of what screwless clamps deliver - Tighten to 1.5 Nm (1.1 ft.lbs.) max.

ABA Size   Hose O.D. Min     Hose O.D. Max     Buy A 10 Pack  
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8 7.5 mm 8.5 mm  
9 8.5 mm 9.5 mm  
10 9.5 mm 11 mm  
11   [*1] 10.5 mm 12 mm  
12 11.5 mm 13 mm  
13 12.5 mm 14 mm  
14 13.5 mm 15 mm  
15 14.5 mm 16 mm  
16 15 mm 17 mm  
17 16 mm 18 mm  

[*1] Fits CODAN 5.6mm I.D. Fuel Hose best for VW applications - Fuel Hose O.D. is 11.3mm loose rising to 11.7mm fitted on 6mm stand-pipes.   Other makes of Fuel Hose may vary in their O.D. Please check your applications requirement carefully.

JCS High Grip Stainless Fuel & Water Hose Clamps Features;
  • All parts are made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
  • They have Lloyd's Register Type Approval for marine, offshore and industrial use.
  • Fully rounded edges to give the best possible protection to the hose.
  • They are manufactured to BS5315 and have BSI Kitemark and N.A.T.O. approvals
  • The screw has a Slot Drive and a 7mm hexagonal head
  • Tighten to 3-6 Nm max. depending on diameter

JCS Size   Hose O.D. Min     Hose O.D. Max     Buy A 10 Pack  
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129 mm12.5 mm
1611 mm16 mm
2013 mm20 mm
2214 mm22 mm
2517 mm25 mm
3022 mm30 mm
3525 mm35 mm
4030 mm40 mm
4535 mm45 mm
5035 mm50 mm
5540 mm55 mm
6045 mm60 mm
7050 mm70 mm
8060 mm80 mm
9070 mm90 mm
10080 mm100 mm

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